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Which handheld console should I buy for this kid?

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6:04 pm, Jun 10 2020
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Hey guys, I'll try to make this short, I'm trying to buy or put together a handheld console for the foster kid who lives across the street from me

Because of his living situation I dont want to get him something where he needs to buy more games because that's not really an option for him

I've got a budget of $100-150 to do this. I wanted to get an emulator but he's 11 years old and has some mild learning disabilities and I worry he might have some trouble navigating the menu to load the roms

I got him a 150 game retro handheld last fall but its a cheap 8-bit and you can't save games. Hes totally bored with it but he plays it sometimes. But i get it. He's a kid. He wants something cool.

So I'm looking at two choices, a Psp with games preinstalled on a card, or a Nintendo 3ds with games loaded on it. Either seems like it should have a simple enough menu for him I've concluded. But if anyone has a better option or input I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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6:15 pm, Jun 10 2020
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Suspected bot account because post is a copy/paste from Reddit. If you're not a bot, PM me

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