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I am a translator!

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9:04 am, Jun 15 2020
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Thanks for clicking in.

I do translations for my full-time job in these languages: EN/CH/JP and I also know some KR. I am bored and looking for some ad-hoc translation while I wait for new chapters to come out hahaha~ I am bilingual in EN and CH but JP/KR are just my other languages so I might not be at my best in terms of JP/KR translation all the time!

I am reading a lot of reincarnation webtoons recently, like suddenly a princess, monster duchess, why she had to go the duke etc etc and I really like mangas like Akatsuki no Yona, Gakuen Alice, Darwin's Game etc etc! For Chinese manhua, I really read a lot on Chinese apps like tengxun (qq) etc.

I have never had experience in translating manga/literature (I only translate financial/fintech articles in my job due to the industry!) but if you think you need a back-up for your main translator, please ping me on Discord anytime!

Thanks to all you lovely people, I found a project I really like!


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9:46 pm, Jun 17 2020
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I just want to make sure since the first part sounded like you want to get paid but then the second part said you are willing to do anything to help or get experience.

Therefore, are you wanting to be paid or you'll be willing to do it for free?

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1:52 am, Jun 29 2020
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Hello, I am just looking to do this as a hobby (unpaid, for fun!).

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