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Help please!! I’m looking for an action? Manga

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4:36 pm, Jun 18 2020
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So this manga is about a girl, who fights creatures that harm people. She was taken in? By another fighter who is high in rank? I Guess. Basically the fighters are only girls. I think their names start with T and C and they derived from twin goddesses? I think, sorry I’m not sure. This may be brief but let me add some more

One scene is when the girl located a past fighter, this past fighter was super good in fighting however she got injured which made her lose her sights. So she’s blind, but even if she’s blind she became powerful than before.

Let me add some more:

Uhmm when they get infected by these creatures or something they ask other fighters to kill them.

This manga also has an anime adaption, it’s black and white and it’s art is a little bit old? Probably in the early 2000s or late 80s or 90s

Ahhhhhh the creatures are like shapeshifters that take form of a human they killed😕

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9:32 pm, Jun 18 2020
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The character names would be Teresa and Clare

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6:58 am, Aug 2 2020
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Yes! That’s the one tysm 🥺

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