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New Poll - COVID-19

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7:01 am, Jun 20 2020
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Our member Nekomikoto suggested a poll about your situation with COIVD-19. Stay safe out there!

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Where do you usually read your manga?
While commuting / traveling - votes: 53 (1.2%)
In the bathroom - votes: 43 (1%)
Other - votes: 76 (1.8%)
On a chair, not in front of a desk / table - votes: 100 (2.3%)
On the floor - votes: 76 (1.8%)
On the couch / sofa - votes: 446 (10.3%)
On the bed - votes: 2234 (51.8%)
At a desk / table - votes: 1282 (29.7%)
There were 4310 total votes.
The poll ended: June 19th 2020

A bed is more popular than a desk or table? That's surprising!

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7:06 am, Jun 20 2020
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I don't have it and none of my family members or friends have it so far.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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10:42 am, Jun 20 2020
Posts: 247

Someone in my office had it but I never met her mmm...

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12:35 pm, Jun 20 2020
Posts: 128

Well yeah didn't contract it even though i am in the middle of NYC. My family are mostly in Toronto and didn't get it either.
But considering how many members of this website spend their time in bed reading manga, we are all probably good at isolating ourselves and not going outside...

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1:26 pm, Jun 20 2020
Posts: 226

I don't have it and none of my family members or friends have it so far. We'll see about this second wave.

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Lone Wanderer

1:37 pm, Jun 20 2020
Posts: 2091

Are we really gonna get honest answers to this poll? The first three options seem made for trolling.

Anyway, mine is: I don't have it and none of my family members or friends have it so far. (Hope I didn't just jinx ourselves with that!)

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6:22 pm, Jun 20 2020
Posts: 394

Super careful so we don't get it! Family member and his SO got it though nearly from the start, they immediately isolated themselves.

Stay safe everyone!

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6:36 pm, Jun 20 2020
Posts: 11

Anyone who has COVID-19 right now, we hope that you'll get well soon! Everyone else, we hope that you are safe!

I usually crave adventurous experiences but a pandemic is definitely not one of them & so far my family, including me, seems to have dodged the bullets.

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7:13 pm, Jun 20 2020
Posts: 903

"I don't have it and none of my family members or friends have it so far"... as far as I know... 🤨

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7:32 pm, Jun 20 2020
Posts: 116

I don't have it, but I know a family member or friend who does/did have it

I know two friends who have it, another friend both their parents got it, and some elderly neighbors in my late grandparents neighborhood have it.

Since I know so many people with it, I find it strange that more of you don't. Honestly, some of the people I mentioned didn't tell me till they recovered or literally had to say their reasons for their absence and lack of work. It kinda makes sense why people might not know.

People stay safe, keep distance, and wash hands.

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2:21 am, Jun 21 2020
Posts: 320

Either had a very mild case, or a very mild common cold.
I have family that has definitely had it.
I really hate all this, and long for when things return to normal.

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2:28 am, Jun 21 2020
Posts: 79

My brother had it even though we are trying to be as isolated as possible, thankfully he only had a light fever, and he is fine now.

A distant cousin also had it. He is okay now, but it was a close call.

A friend's uncle had it. Sadly he passed away 4 days after he went to the hospital.

Another friend's sister had it. She is okay now.

And finally my cousin's grandad also has it. And his situation is critical. We heard on thursday that his kidneys had stopped working. As of now I dont know how he is doing.

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3:02 am, Jun 21 2020
Posts: 291

Think my partner had it, he lost his sense of taste and smell, but unsure I have had it since he got the symptoms almost two weeks after after I visited him and we were basically isolating ourselves by then and I would have had the mildest case of it ever.

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3:43 am, Jun 21 2020
Posts: 7

My friend's uncle had it. He was in a very critical condition (he was intubated) but he recovered.
My sister has a friend, that friend has a sister and his boyfriend died bc of it.
2 neighbors who lived some blocks aways died bc of that.

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4:40 am, Jun 21 2020
Posts: 9

A manga reader cannot die until he finishes his backlog.

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