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This Series May Never Continue

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4:30 pm, Jun 20 2020
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Just like the case with "High School of The Dead," this series may never finish. Some research has shown that the author, ももじ, was involved in a serious accident back in 2018. Her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook were all last updated in the last week of November, 2018, and there's been radio silence ever since. According to research, she had the accident shortly after she finished season 1 (the untranslated Thai version can be found on Webtoon here: =1255), but apparently she got an infection and it's affected her limbs so much so that she can't move them that well. One can only hope she gets well...

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6:36 pm, Jun 20 2020
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Thank you for passing on this information, I really enjoy this series and I hope her recovery is going well.

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4:33 pm, Jun 10 2021
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I really love this series. I wish for authors recovery as much as possible. Thank you so much for such a wonderful love story. I love it.

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