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I forgot the name of a manga that has a strong female protagonist...

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7:39 pm, Jun 25 2020
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The manga has action and martial arts.

Since this is a search based off of my memory of the manga below which in this case can be considered a questionable spoiler:

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
the colored martial art like manga starts off with a group of animals talking they are demon kings of their respective species. after complaining about some human stopping there assualt on human villages the human they were speaking about shows up and tells them that it was her aka the Female protagonist. upon mentioning this they attack and get beaten up by her. The female rabbit demon king begs for her life, and is forgiven, in which she ask how to refer to the female protagonist. The female protagonist refers to herself as Shen (at some point the female demon rabbit king refers to her as dragon-sama).
after this the one known as Shen gets woken up after her shack gets blown away indirectly from an attack by an evil female cultivator towards her would be soon male disciple chef. Shen German suplexs the evil female cultivator, two demon rabbits show up to assist if need be but end up taking the evil female cultivator for something that needs to be pickled.
at some other point the female protagonist shen is digging a hole to bury the would be male disciple chef cause she thought he was dead. He wakes up and proceeds to pass out once she feeds him something. Thinking she killed him she continues to dig and makes the hole bigger, he wakes up and is told to fill in the hole she made. at some point he begs to be her disciple but she rejects his request. he remains quiet until the protagonist starts to mention that she doesn't remember how to cook? and somethin about meat, the male says he can cook, following which she immediately accepts him as a disciple.

For the life of me i can't seem to find this manga again after reading it.

I would truly appreciate it if someone could find the title of this. Thanks.

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5:07 am, Jun 26 2020
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Should be Master Drifting Away Again...

Manga read: ~4100

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9:07 pm, Jul 8 2020
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Many thanks ^_^

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