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Looking for a dark/obessive/abusive relationship

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11:17 pm, Jun 26 2020
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I'm looking for suggestions towards a romance(?) that is about an abusive relationship. I really enjoy horror romances, and would like more to try out.
I'm looking for something with an obsessive possessive love male interest, maybe a yandere?
an example would be :
Korosareru nara, Isso Sakura no Ki no Shita de
Raise wa Tanin ga Ii
or in Love at First Sight season 2 with Jin Hong (ideal)

thank you~~

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1:35 am, Jun 27 2020
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Iyagatteru Kimi ga Suki (abusive relationship)
It's Mine (stalker)
Tendou-ke Monogatari (not sure how to categorize this, cold/asshole male lead?)

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4:19 am, Jun 28 2020
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Try this thread with a lot of yandere leads. Also try using advance search with yandere male lead tag.

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