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New Poll - Manga based on Western Literature

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7:39 am, Jun 30 2020
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Would enjoy it more as a fanfiction, and I only read fanfiction of stories I already like. I know it's not exactly what the post is talking about, but the best example i can think of that I've read is Mashle. Also, this might be too far from the manga world but webtoon's recent "greenlight" thing did a bunch of series remaking classics. Those are fun.
But IMO those are fun because they change the vibe. The original style of most western literature isn't really suited for manga. You wouldn't make pride and prejudice into a shojo manga, you would keep it more mature, in which case you probably want a movie or novel anyway.

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1:40 pm, Jul 4 2020
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Depends on what you mean by 'based', I guess.

An adaptation? Probably not if I'm not into that western literature.

'Based' as in it's an original story but is inspired by a western lit like how Pandora Hearts is based on Alice in Wonderland and Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet is based on Romeo and Juliet? Doesn't influence my decision.

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