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Manga about a seme who raised the uke

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9:41 am, Jun 28 2020
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I’ve read this yaoi manga not so long ago but I just can’t remeber its title. It was basically about a seme that “adotped” the uke. They lived a very domestic life, in wich the uke would do of the house cores as a way of expressing gratitude. The seme, on the other hand, was really lazy but in a cute way and would always change girlfriends. The uke, already in love with him but afraid of expressing his feelings, got hurt when the seme told him to live a proper high school life (go out with friends at night, date...). If I’m not mistaken, the uke confess but I think the seme denying his own feelings rejects him. But I remember that they finally get together when the uke is spotted going to a hotel with a stranger.
I’m sorry if the description was kind of vague but I’d be reeeally happy if anyone could help me find this manga ^^

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2:36 pm, Jul 9 2020
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Is it Beautiful Days by Madarame Hiro?

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I S I M P A E T H E R ❤️
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1:38 am, Apr 27 2021
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YES! omg thank you so much^^
sorry for the late reply though, i’ve lost acess to this account but today i got it back

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