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Problem with a tags

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9:25 pm, Jun 28 2020
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I was trying to add the Seeing Things Other Humans Can’t see to the series Count 0 but to my surprise the options were showing up as
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one with a 039t and other with a 't
The one with 039t has a list of following 8 (-1 due to my adding it to Count 0)manga 20Things%20Other%20Humans%20Can039t
And the other with 't has a list of following 314 manga Things+Other+Humans+Can%27t
The latter is obviously the more used tag so I figured that I should add it and chooses the 't option but the tag when added pops up as tag not available and will be added as a new tag though it clearly exists.
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So, clearly the older, more used tag isn’t working anymore and I suppose that lead to people adding the newer 039t tag??
I’m no computer person but I figure it’s because of the character .
It would be great if the first tag can be corrected so it can be used again then the two tags merged so there’s less confusion.

There’s is a problem in using the tag for advanced search, particularly the tags contains the above said character.
Ex: I tried to advance search using the tag Seeing Things Other Humans Can’t but nothing popped up.
I’ve had similar issues with LQBT character in a non-Yaoi/Yuri manga, In Love With Family Member’s friend ,Boys’ love as a Subplot and a couple more that either have the or / in them.
If this issue is due to a problem on my side then do let me know, as it could be probably my device’s incompatibility with the website (I’ve tried other devises tho with similar results).
I hope the issue gets resolved soon as it’s sort of time consuming to manually sift through tags without the help of advanced search and obviously frustrating when you can’t seem to add the right tag.

P.s I also apologise if this has to be posted in the Tag thread, I had two issues so I thought I’d better make a new thread.
Seems like other users have also pointed out the same problem.
When I click the "Seeing Things Other Humans Can't" tag, or the "Hearing Things Other Humans Can't" one in the list of tags on a series page, it'll lead me to a regular search page with a list of works with that tag. But, maybe because of the apostrophe, it is impossible to search that tag through the Search by Genre function. No results will come up. Does that make sense?? no no

I'd like to point out the same issue @ohkimch has stated- that most tags with 'apostrophe' or other characters don't tend to show series if you're using the genre/advanced search. That's the only possible conclusion I've come to after typing the correct tag (punctuation, uppercase etc..triple checked) and still nothing showing up. It's time consuming to go through all the tagged manga while you could've easily sorted out the ones you wanted through genre search. (Btw, this has been a problem for quiet a long time)

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