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Can someone help me find this manga?

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4:16 pm, Jun 29 2020
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Hi guys I've been wracking my brain for the past few days trying to remember the name of a romance manga I read a long time ago. It involves a highschool girl getting asked to pose for a picture and the guy takes a picture of her panties and then gets her to date him I believe. Anyway she ends up falling for him and there's a misunderstanding where she thinks he's younger than her but turns out he's actually like a teacher or something. I know my description is all over the place but so was the manga but it actually ended up being really cute fro what I can recall. Thank you in advance.

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11:53 am, Jun 30 2020
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I think it's from Suki ni naru made matte! It's the third story called 1/3 no Kareshi 🙂

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