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shoujo manga: First day of school girl goes into wrong dorm room and gets kissed

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10:51 pm, Jun 29 2020
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Im trying to find a shoujo manga series I read years ago, only a few chapters were translated then...

First day of school the girl goes into a dorm room she thinks is hers but it turns out to belong to some popular or important guy and he force kisses her? Maybe he makes her room with him after (or not, I can’t remember). He’s some sort of popular prince of the school or son of someone important or whatnot.

She at one point also meets another boy classmate (maybe second ML) with a scary face or eyes but they eventually become friends. I think she calls him by his first name by accident because she thought it was his last name. He turns out to be rich too or something.

Maybe there’s a scene with a picture frame at some point...

Sorry this is all my brain remembers, but would really appreciate the miracle it if anything knows it!

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