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New Poll - Powers Reliant on Powers

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5:41 pm, Jul 4 2020
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This week's poll was suggested by jacob66. What's your opinion on powers that are reliant on other powers in order to work? I guess it technically depends on the population density of how many other people have powers and the likelihood of encountering another person with a power.

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: Would you read a manga based completely on a piece of Western literature (e.g., Hamlet, Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, etc)?
Doesn't influence my decision - votes: 913 (25.5%)
It would put me off from reading the manga - votes: 390 (10.9%)
More likely if I liked the source material - votes: 945 (26.4%)
More likely if I haven't experienced the source material before - votes: 277 (7.7%)
I would prefer to read the source material over the manga - votes: 396 (11.1%)
The fact that it's based off an established work makes it LESS likely I would read the manga - votes: 317 (8.9%)
The fact that it's based off an established work makes it MORE likely I would read the manga - votes: 341 (9.5%)
There were 3579 total votes.
The poll ended: July 4th 2020

I remember watching the anime for Romeo x Juliet purely because I knew the source material.

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Seinen is RIGHT

6:01 pm, Jul 4 2020
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(Awesome.) Should make for some cool situations.
Characters like Absorbing Man, Apocalypse, Hope Summers, Rogue or Taskmaster can do versions of this to give Marvel examples. Mercilessly draining Captain Marvel is how Rogue, then a villain, got her permanent strength + flight. Carol´s comic backlog of stories is highly bleak and infamous for being misogynistic. Created to be a girlfriend, coma via Rogue, one of the creepiest pregnancy/incest/rape plots of all time, alcoholism and shite stripper costumes. The above-average MCU version is god tier in comparison and her origin also lies in power abortion.

DC also has this in spades. Maybe even more. Full-on gods like the father of Darkseid have such abilities. You can curb stomp Superman with power sets like this.

The apex here is the Anti-Monitor. He ended 5 decades worth of continuity in 1985/86 during Crisis and forced a permanent multiverse restart. His power set is taken to such an extreme that you can´t even write him as a character. He makes both Galactus and Darkseid look like a bitch. Just look at the "Powers" section to see what I mean. rse)
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The completed Infinity Gauntlet is every power ever so that comparison ain´t fair. (It also doesn't work in the DC universe as a 90s crossover established.) I can´t think of an often-used comic villain as dangerous as the Anti-Monitor.

Even a less godlike version of this is a Superman level threat as Parasite as one of his most-used enemies.
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I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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6:13 pm, Jul 4 2020
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Meh. In the end it's just another power. Where things get interesting is what they do with that power rather than just having it.

Quote from residentgrigo
and shite stripper costumes.

What's wrong with that?

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Lone Wanderer

11:04 pm, Jul 4 2020
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Awesome. Should make for some cool situations. And really, that's all I have to say on the subject. I'm surprised that the last option seems to be winning pretty unequivocally at this point, though...

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Come and Go

7:34 am, Jul 5 2020
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The way I see the 3 choice available on this poll ;
1. YES
2. NO
BTW, I choose Yes. Because, hey, why not? Every superpower could help.
I still remember Peter Petrelly from the Heroes series when he could still copy/imitate almost all other ability (kinda like the perfect counter for the villain,Sylar, who is going around stealing/collecting other ability)
Of course that is before they "nerf" him into max 3 ability at once.
Wait, is this count as spoiler? Because I did not put any spoiler tag.....

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2:30 am, Jul 6 2020
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I was thinking of that series as well! I loved that first season and that bastard, so I voted "yes - makes for cool situations!"
It all depends on what you do with it as an author, of course, but I like the concept, it can be done really well.

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11:43 am, Jul 6 2020
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I think I generally like the concept, but it has to be backed up with a story that supports it.

This is basically done in Yumekui Merry where the MC needs to have encountered a nightmare to use their powers (though a weaker version of it). The reason this premise does work there is that he's still just a sturdy human, so comparatively weak to other things they encounter, so it requires more tactics than raw power, which tends to be harder to write well...

It's probably not worth the hassle in a basic shounen battle manga, but has potential.

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