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In love with straight roommate but sleeps around

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4:37 am, Jul 10 2020
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not Ano Ko wa Sore wo Gaman Dekinai

I'm not 100% sure I have the plot remembered correctly, but I think the uke is in love with his straight roommate, but always brings guys home, which the seme (his straight roommate) complains about. I think at some point the uke comes home beat up because he called the seme's name out when he was out hooking up with someone.

may or may not be a story in a bigger collection of stories, but again not sure

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2:36 am, Oct 17 2020
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12:08 am, Mar 16 2021
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I finally remembered this post when I read the manga.

Is it Chime: Peach na Seito to Banana na Kyoushi?

Chapter 3 to be specific...

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12:00 pm, Mar 22 2021
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I know what manga you are talking about. it's this one but I forgot the name. Will tell you when I found it

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