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Dekoboko (凸凹) Scanlations is currently recruiting!

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1:42 am, Jul 23 2020
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We're a new group focusing on manga only and recruiting the following positions (experience is highly preferred):
-> Jp-Translators
(Translators can choose a series they would like to scanlate as long as the rest of the staff are ok with it)
-> Redrawers [High Priority]
-> Typesetters [Medium Priority]
-> Proofreaders [High Priority]
Being able to read (even if it's a little bit) of Japanese is an asset.

Our current projects:

If you would like to apply, please join our discord and follow the format in the recruitment channel.

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7:09 pm, Jul 23 2020
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I would like to join as proofreaders but when I enter the discord that was linked, it didn’t reached, said the invite was expired 😢

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12:23 am, Aug 2 2020
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Link is also now fixed.

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6:30 am, Aug 4 2020
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Hello I'm Alexa aka Toni, I'm interested in proofreading. Is this still up?
Btw my email(s): or

Thank you! 😀

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