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MSBY is recruiting (✿◠‿◠) NEW GROUP Looking for staff

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3:11 am, Jul 23 2020
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We are a new scan focus on manga, manhwas and manhuas BL, shoujo shounen.

We are looking for anyone who wants to join us:
- Translator n Proofreaders[ Chinese / Japanese / Korean]
*Translators can choose a series they would like to scanlate as long as the rest of the staff are ok with it*
- Cleaner/Redrawer
- Typesetter
- Raw Provider
-Quality Checker

You can dm me us on discord


or you can contac us

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3:19 pm, Jul 23 2020
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4:02 pm, Jul 23 2020
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Only bump every 7 days

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Post #778766 - Reply to (#778745) by Heyheyhalsey
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10:06 pm, Jul 23 2020
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Ok, sorry.
Also we are looking for "project catcher" someone who help us search projects and verified that is available to work.

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12:58 am, Jul 27 2020
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Is it be payed?

Post #778903 - Reply to (#778835) by Aan_J
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4:22 pm, Jul 29 2020
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😔 No

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6:56 pm, Jul 29 2020
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I would be happy to help but I don't know any other language other than English... so if there is a position for someone who only knows English I would be interested in helping 🙂

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12:37 am, Aug 12 2020
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bump :c

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