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TWs, Omegaverse, and Non-Con

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6:35 am, Jul 25 2020
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Putting this here in the hope that it helps folks regarding omegaverse and non-con content:

First and foremost, it is NEVER ok to ridicule or talk down to someone because they're not ok with rape/non-con or the fetishizing of it. Telling someone to "take a hike" if they don't like fictional rape/non-con is precisely in line with the hostile responses that continue to make it hard for sexual assault survivors to speak out. No, fictional rape is not the same as real rape, but there are absolutely bad people in the world who feel it's validation for the behavior. So, yeah, trigger warnings are greatly appreciated; just, don't be mean about it. We're all fans looking for a little wonderful.

Ok, omegaverse. I, personally, am not a fan; but, there are still some O-verse works I enjoy. So, big things all readers should keep in mind:

1. O-verse is based on pseudo-science...or... "science fiction"?? Essentially, the common O-verse model was created by an author who based it off real concepts, but altered them to fit their fictional universe. This means the rules of O-verse are pretty flexible, and non-con isn't a requirement of the genre. So...

2. Not every O-verse story includes rape. Many do because of the nature of the model; BUT, to cry "rape" at an O-verse story without reading it is ignorant. It's fine to avoid O-verse because it's more likely to contain non-con, but don't drive others away from a title if you haven't read it yourself. Again, we're all just fans looking for something lovely, especially right now.

So, I hope this helps us be nicer to each other just a little and possibly find new works to enjoy. Thanks for coming to my TED talk; cookies and punch are available in the next post 😉

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1:41 am, Sep 19 2020
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Cookies and punch to all the many, many WONDERFUL scanlation groups posting lovely and polite trigger warnings recently! You guys are absolutely awesome to begin with, but it's surprisingly heartwarming to see that little extra bit of care! Thank you!

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4:32 am, Aug 16 2021
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I've seen so many friendly and funny but sweet warnings with the wave of pandemic projects that I just wanted to come back and say thank you again to all the scanlators who take the time to include them. In a time when things are super hard, these little notes have been delightful and surprisingly reassuring! Thank you! 😃

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