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A well written webnovel

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12:57 am, Jul 27 2020
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Hey there!

I want to start reading web novels, as they seem to be the source materials of many new dramas and such.

I've tried reading one or two but I could not finish. I found that those I tried to be childish and weird. The plot made no sense, the novels were badly structured and etc... The thing is that those novels were recommended by "the best web novels" type of lists you can find at google lol. So I'm scared of such lists.

I read a lot and I expect a certain quality from a book and from what I understood not many web novels care about this or it isn't their purpose. I'm not judging! I sincerely want to read a good web novel!

Do you have any rec?

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The Gorilla King

1:51 am, Jul 27 2020
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Ark (Novel)

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Come and Go

4:08 am, Jul 27 2020
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I think its also depending on what your taste and whats Genre that you like.
Personally, my own experiences; in the past, I prefer manga over written story (story with picture are really more eye candy too, dont you think?). But then I first stumble on a "random" webnovel I found ; I was reincarnated as a Magic Academy!
That is the start of my spiraling into become a webnovel lover/reader. BTW, that story is still ongoing until now with kinda slow updates.
And then I start searching other story to read. I found another novel that I like to read ; Release that Witch (Novel)
Its already completed but I did not like the ending because its ended. WHY!!! Why must it end that soon?! I still want to read more of it! MORE!!!!!
Anyway, you could read the "340+ chapters teaser" free from Volare and Seki
Oh, and its also has its manga version
Lets see here.... what other novel that I could recommend......
Solo Leveling (Novel)
The Novel's Extra (Novel)

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8:33 pm, Jul 27 2020
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My death flag no signs of ending (already have a manga, check it out;
( really good, the character can't speak normaly as his speeches are pattern in the game.

Transmigrates into Noble's beaten son ( nto-nobles-beaten-son/) also good, fairly new but I think you will like it.

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12:40 am, Aug 8 2020
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Try Reverend Insanity. Trust me this is one of the best in the medium.

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1:22 am, Aug 8 2020
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The only really good light novels I ever found were "Spice and Wolf" , "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya", and "My Youth Romatic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected."

These are actual believable stories about smart people in believable worlds that have pretty close relations to the one we actually live in. I only found them because they later became popular manga. As far as I'm concerned, most of the light novels out there are unbelievable fantasy. I say this because you seem to be a sophisticated reader who might not be into extreme fantasy.

What I'd do is find a manga that has the kind of believable and complex story you can appreciate, and there's a good chance there's an intelligent light novel "behind" it. Read that.

Another complex light novel that has the distinction of actually existing in translation is called "The Empty Box and Zeroth Maria". Not my cup of tea, but well written and very complex.

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1:35 am, Aug 9 2020
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And here's a source of light novels that looks promising, though it does cost money to follow them along.

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Witch of Heart

3:34 am, Aug 9 2020
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You should definitely read Lord of the Mysteries (Novel). This is the best webnovel I have ever read. The beggining is a bit slow, but don't give up! You will not regret reading this, I can assure you.

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6:14 am, Aug 9 2020
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Twelve Kingdoms, Doomsday Wonderland (love love this), and Adonis. I recommend going on NovelUpdates Forum to get more suggestions since it's literally a website for web novels and stuff. 😛

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11:19 am, Aug 9 2020
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Try 'Lady to Queen'. It's really really good and has a complex story. It has Victorian style setting but with norms and values of its own reminiscent of modern day democracy. So if you like believable political machinations in a Victorian era resembling setting you would like this book. The plot is good too with great character development.
And like another member mentioned, check out novelupdates. Their rating system is usually reliable so you can avoid bad web novels more easily.

Edit: you don't seem experienced with Light novels so this just a heads up. I've noticed that some light novels don't have as much descriptive paragraphs as western literature I read. Maybe it's cuz they already have illustrations for that so but I'm not sure. That doesn't they have bad plot. You'll have to put extra effort in your imaginations though

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