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Average mc dating school idol manga ?

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5:34 am, Jul 28 2020
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Title says it, mc dating the most beautiful girl at school

There are many story like that but this manga was quite dark.

Mc dating the girl, he also make friends with many people at school. I remember there is this deliquent that try to rape her but mc and his friends saved her.

Mc have a friend , i think he is mc best friend, he was mature and such. He have weird hobby of cross dressing as a girl. As a crossdress girl, he looks beautiful and mature , he helped mc a lot and seems have crush on him but give up because he was a man.

When they graduate highschool, mc girlfriend scouted to become an actress and become famous. Mc failed his university exam , and become a rounin.

Mc keep dating with his girlfriend, but the girlfriend manager then meet mc and talk to him, telling him he was a burden to her career. If people know she was dating and also the one she date is a rounin, her career will be destroyed. He also say mc and her lived in different world and they better break up for the greater good.

Much later mc feels inferior towards the girlfriend, and they got into a fight because she always busy , mc thi k she does not lover him anymore , they then go break up. Mc friends was surpised while mc was sulking.

The deliquent have grudge and obession towards the mc girlfriend. He planned to drug her, and rape her and spread the video to public. Mc somehow know it, he try to stop it , mc got help from mc best friend, and in the end the deliquent got arrested.

In the end the girlfriend realized mc still love her and try to protect her, they started dating again and it seems she give up her career and focused to date mc .

The end

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