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About hentai artist Yasu....

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7:29 pm, Jul 28 2020
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There is hentai artist named Yasu, you can search one of his works called ibitsu no kankei. Okay let's not talk about the hentai, i remember for the life of me, he managed to publish normal manga about cooking or something like that, it was romance vanilla manga with fan service or such(it got posted on reddit manga and people are talking is he now managed to make a name and publish normal manga ), i try to search it via bakaupdate, but the one i got is ... with same name Yasu, the thing is this authour never make any hentai book, i even looked at animelist and he never make hentai, btw this guy is the one who draw Toradora novel illustration.

I am really curious, maybe Yasu was his pen name in his hentai works and he have another name when he publish non hentai manga ? not only that the name Yasu has been taken so that's other reason he took another name ? I even try to search his hentai series title at bakaupdate but never find it, all of it........maybe no one put the list on baka update. I remember someone make post on reddit manga about yasu non hentai work.

pls help me solve this riddle, thanks and bless you all

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