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ebookrenta japan help

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12:13 am, Jul 29 2020
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I'm having an issue with, long story short, I live in Canada, i've used the website before without any issues what so ever. But tonight when I try to purchase any points, I am getting kicked back to the paypal screen. So I tried it with a different credit card thinking that was the issue, same thing. Now I have two point charges pending on my credit card that aren't showing up in my points history on the website. I will also say, that I cannot read/speak Japanese, and I go there to legally purchase books so I can practice my language learning skills. But in paypal, it doesn't show as pending , and there is a contact us button which i've emailed them and used google translate,hopefully they understand what I am asking. But this website did allow international users to create/purchase, I don't believe that changed. Anyone else have any idea of what I should do ? Or if you've run into this issue as well? TIA

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