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Read ages ago; forgot the name

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7:51 am, Jul 30 2020
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So I’m terrible about describing things but will do my best, bear with me...

I had read this manga ages ago around 2014-2016 and it ended around 2016 or so?? Overall it was maybe around 200 or 300 chapters (I have no idea but it was kinda long at the time?) I obv don’t remember the name but this is all I remember plot-wise and detail-wise (very rough idea since this was years ago):

• apocalyptic/dystopian/end of world theme
• some kind of monster? killing going on
• monster? had some infection of sorts that would turn the ppl into it (I know for sure that it’s not a zombie but some kind of thing)
• there are some groups of ppl that can kill these monsters but in order to do so they have these weapons that come from some part of the monster?
• this part of the monster is like a stone (or something) and if you possess it/touch it when it doesn’t have a host then said stone will be embedded into your person
• mc (male teenager) originally regular person but touched stone and got weapon?
• mc picks up partnership with stone’s previous host’s partner (female, badass, tough exterior) to work together to kill the monsters
• obviously mc has no experience with killing these monsters & is barely tolerated by his partner
• however mc is very willing learn bc he wants to be able to protect(?) his siblings (I think he may have 2 younger siblings)
• anyway story progresses, mc gets better at killing monsters, friendship develops with partner (and he gets a bit of a crush on her?)
• soon threat?(idk for sure) arises and only way to defeat it is cooperation of three individuals
• these three are all female and inhabit(?) this weird otherworldly egg thing (think like giant kaiju egg thing the size of a skyscraper)
• female partner eventually becomes one of these three individuals, but in order to do so, has to sacrifice something?
• along the way, mc is either loses(?) original stone thing and takes over his partner’s? [that or his is able to dual wield these two of stone things, granting him two weapon options & these dual wielding thing is unprecedented]

Ok so that’s it- I don’t remember the ending at all but all I know is those monsters all die or something cuz they’re gone at the end.

Whoever reads to the end of this, thanks, and I hope my terrible descriptive skills were comprehensible enough that maybe someone out here knows what series I’m talking about

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10:24 am, Jul 30 2020
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World Embryo?

Good information=Good answer

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1:12 pm, Jul 30 2020
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Yes! That’s it!! Thanks for helping

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