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Recruiting Japanese Translators!

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11:19 pm, Jul 30 2020
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Hello wonderful person who has clicked on this post! 😀

Do you understand Japanese? Would you like to take that amazing knowledge and use it to translate Yaoi and Shounen-Ai manga into English? Of course you do!!

BC Scans needs Japanese translators for our projects. We're all really nice and there are no deadlines to stress about and you can pick your own project!! Nothing will be assigned to you that you don't want to translate, because that's how awesome we are!!

Come join our group! There's cake!**

Email us at: or just respond to this post

**There may not actually be cake 😁

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Post #779322 - Reply to (#778941) by Cambridge

1:52 am, Aug 10 2020
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We could still use more translators!!

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1:37 pm, Aug 12 2020
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Hi! I'm fluent in Japanese and English and would love to help translate - I love BL manga 🙂

Post #779402 - Reply to (#779396) by tangerinefruit

4:16 pm, Aug 12 2020
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Thanks for much for responding!

I'll send you a DM right now!

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