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BC Scans is recruiting!

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3:03 am, Aug 2 2020
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BC Scans is recruiting!

We're looking for Japanese translators, re-drawers, cleaners and typesetters to help with our current projects.

We're a new group, but super friendly with no deadlines! You'll even get to choose your own project!

Come join us 😀

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8:30 am, Aug 2 2020
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Hello! I would like to help you in translation (JP -ENG)
Would like to contact you through e-mail. 😊

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11:50 am, Aug 2 2020
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Hi! Yes, please email us at or just send me a DM here.

Thanks so much for the offer for helping! Look forward to hearing from you!!! 😀

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9:18 pm, Aug 2 2020
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Sent you an email!

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1:34 am, Aug 10 2020
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It's okay if you don't have experience - we'll teach you!!

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