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New Poll - From Anime to Manga

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8:31 am, Aug 8 2020
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This week's poll was suggested by Shellshock. Assuming you liked an anime series that you completed and then discover there's a manga for it that continues the story, would you read the manga?

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Would you be willing to eat an exotic meat (e.g., horse, rat, dog, snake, bugs, etc), that you normally wouldn't try, if it was prepared in a familiar way (e.g., hamburger, chicken fried steak, deep-fried, etc)?
No way - votes: 1422 (46.9%)
Sure, I'd try - votes: 1609 (53.1%)
There were 3031 total votes.
The poll ended: August 8th 2020

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10:18 am, Aug 8 2020
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In conclusion:
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Start the manga from the beginning but this is mostly inapplicable to me now. I am a manga first type of guy with no real anime backlog. Choice 3 also makes sense if you know that the anime was a 1 to 1 deal. Be effective with your time, I get it.

The YMS Kimbaspiracy continues btw. It will never leave Adum.
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10:54 am, Aug 8 2020
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Depends on how much I like story and how long it has been since I watched the anime. If I liked the story and began reading the manga immediately, I would look for the chapter in which the anime ended and read from that. If I only began reading after 6 months or so, I would read the manga from the beginning (mostly to refresh my memory and as a bonus I get to see how both differ.)

If the story was alright, but not particularly appealing to me, I would either put the manga in my "To read" list or forget about the anime/manga.

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11:08 am, Aug 8 2020
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Start reading the manga from the beginning, I think. We might never know what kind of differences will occur between the anime and the manga. Vice versa.

This never happens to me, though (I think). I usually only watch anime that adapted from manga that I read, so of course I have read more plot development from the manga. Except Kyokai no Kanata and K Project, or some other anime movies like Ghibli's, Makoto Shinkai's, etc. I know K Project has the manga adaptation, but it doesn't add any new plot if I'm not mistaken. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)

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1:24 pm, Aug 8 2020
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Except for the (very rare) instances where I can be reasonably confident that the anime adapts the manga faithfully - in which case I'd opt to pick up where they left off - I usually start the manga from the beginning.

(If I didn't like the anime I'd just avoid the manga altogether, of course, but I'm guessing the poll question presumes you liked the anime well enough to want more.)

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1:55 pm, Aug 8 2020
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Usually, as soon as I've gotten an interest for an anime, that is an adaptation of a manga, I'll start reading the manga, from the beginning.
...and how could I possibly learn that it's an adaptation, only after I've finished it?

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1:56 pm, Aug 8 2020
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I'm in the exact same boat as residentgrigo, Start the manga from the beginning.

If I somehow end up in an anime situation anymore, it was by accident and I want to experience the original canon story in its entirety, without accidentally thinking that the filler was real. So I have to read from the start.

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2:34 am, Aug 9 2020
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Considering that I don't like anime adaptations of manga, if i find out that anime is based on manga i will drop anime and start reading manga from the beginning... Doesn't even matter if it continues further or not for me...

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3:25 am, Aug 9 2020
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Start the manga from the beginning since it's common that anime adaptations end cutting up parts from the manga, and it's known that depending on the studio is what you're going to watch.

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3:41 am, Aug 11 2020
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These days I get about 3 episodes into a show then I go read the manga. Or maybe the light novel.

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5:17 am, Aug 11 2020
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I do Start the manga from the beginning because sometimes they would have some difference each other.

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11:16 pm, Aug 12 2020
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I can't vote any more because "You are using a browser that php4 doesn't recognize. Please use another one.". Can't use fake user agents any more?

Anyway, I almost always start from the beginning but I usually take a long break before I do that, once I've pretty much forgotten the anime (so a few years). I might pick it up from where the anime ends if I really want to know what happens next but since they're usually ongoing series, I'll eventually reread it anyway to complete it (I almost never read new chapters as they come out, I'll wait until there's a lot of them or it's completed and then reread everything).

Oftentimes I'll just drop the anime if I like it and read the manga right away instead. Most animes don't make it more worthwhile than the manga, and they cut content or change small but important details.

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