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How or where to scan my own manga?

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4:23 pm, Aug 8 2020
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I was wondering, for those manga that have been localized in English, if there were any groups accepting donations of books that don't exist on the internet yet. I don't have it yet because it's a bit expensive, but for example I was thinking of donating the Saint Tail manga to be scanned. Also it seems that volume 4 of 1 Pound Gospel isn't actually on the internet despite the page saying it's completely scanlated. There's probably a good number of other series too. Thanks for any info.

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4:03 am, Sep 29 2020
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Forget about it, please find another hobby.

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5:52 am, Oct 2 2020
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I don't really get what you're asking for exactly but for scanning physical raws you can do so with a scanner. There's quite a lot of guides about this so here's some if you want to dig even further.

Here's a forum on baka that talks about scanning:

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7:22 am, Oct 2 2020
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i know kurotronic is planning on doing saint tail, you should get in contact with them

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