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5:48 am, Aug 16 2020
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Hi, I'm currently trying to find a cultivation novel I was reading a long time ago, what I remember about it is:

the MC was male
at some point in the story, he manages to get a drop of Phoenix blood and awaken a Pheonix bloodline (IIRC the bloodline leaves a flame mark on his forehead)
later in the story he ascends to a higher realm and joins the sect that is based around the Phoenix bloodline
I think he gains a dragon bloodline as well after he ascends
at some point in the story, he joins a competition where cultivators climb an ancient seal, after he reaches the top I think the seal becomes his (not sure on this point)
I think before he ascends he has a couple of girls in his harem and after he ascends he gets a couple more

that's all I can really remember, any help will be appreciated, thanks 🙂

EDIT: i found what it was Martial World (Novel)

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11:42 am, Aug 19 2020
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I don't know, but I think I read it 3-4years ago. Read more:

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