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69iqscans (Celebgram Team) is recruiting PR and TS!!

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10:02 am, Aug 28 2020
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Hello there Celebgram team are looking for more staffs to work on the project our team is currently doing that is CELEBGRAM 😳😳😳

We are urgently looking for:
-Proofreader (you don't have to have English TOEIC/TOEFL certification but you just have to be to rephrase the translation to a better conversation phrases)
-Typesetter (no experience is okay but at least able to do basic typesetting)

Also looking for redrawer :3

For both redrawer and typesetter can bypass the test by submitting your best past work

If you are interested in making Celebgram series update faster, plisu apply to drunk#0433 in discord

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12:20 am, Oct 14 2020
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Hi, are you still in need of proofreaders? If so, I want to apply to be a proofreader.

( Email: )
( Discord: frankenstein#6176 )

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