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Thoughts on Chinese Drama Adaption?

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9:08 am, Aug 29 2020
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I just found out Chang Ge Xing has been adapted to live action as a C-Drama set to release sometime in 2021 (details here) and am curious what other readers of the manhua think of it.

Here's a link to the trailer on YouTube.

Does anyone have updated info on Xia Da's legal disputes over Chang Ge Xing, or does anyone know exactly how popular a work it is in China? I check her Weibo occasionally, but my Chinese is pretty mediocre, so I can only get the gist of things. I'm personally not that intrigued by the trailer, but the cast seems to be all well-known actors, so this will probably give Chang Ge Xing more exposure and maybe help Xia Da's legal fights? It's a stretch, I know, but one can hope.

So thoughts?

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5:45 am, Nov 9 2020
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Yeah, excited for the drama! Not much expectations though since the costumes from the posters look like cosplay. Will still try to watch it for the sake of the story. Hope they don't butcher it.

I heard that Chang Ge Xing was very popular in China when it first started but it has been years since the last chapter was published. I don't think the author Xia Da is going to win her legal disputes as she's moved on and started another series?

Just watched the trailer. Love that Dilraba Dilmurat is the one playing Chang Ge's character since Dilraba's also of Uyghur ethnicity! Hopefully the author's intended ending gets to be included in the drama so there's closure for all the fans.

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1:07 am, Nov 10 2020
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I know of Xia Da's new series, but I guess I still hope she can revive Chang Ge Xing one day.

Also, I know of Dilraba Dilmurat but didn't know that she was of Uyghur descent! I currently don't intend to watch the drama, but if Xia Da does include her intended ending in it, I will probably check it out.

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9:44 am, Apr 15 2021
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A comment someone replied back to me about Xia Da....super excited!

as far as I know, she finally succeeded in getting the rights back, and it is going to continue, along with her other series zi bu yu (which is great!). but there are no timelines. I heartily recommend you check out her currently updating series Bu Tian Ge...while I think the story is currently not as good as Chang Ge Xing, the art is absolutely gorgeous full color and I mean, I love me some xianxia.

This is a video bilibili released last year saying they have the rights to Chang Ge Xing, that it will be continuing, that zi bu yu will continue, and also that they're going to make an animated version of Chang Ge Xing. They also say they're gonna need some time, though 😉

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