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ACE SCANS is recruiting translators to work on romance manga's

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1:28 pm, Aug 30 2020
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we work on romance manga, manhua and we are currently japanese&chinese translators.
Other positions are also welcome
we pick shoujo, josei, shounen, seinen, harem manga's. If you are interested or if you want to help us to release romance manga's or manhua's you can join our group.
If you are looking for a fun and friendly group which has no workload and love romance manga's then this is the place for you
we are currently working on two projects one is a shoujo and another is shounen romance manga.
Our discord server

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7:30 am, Sep 13 2020
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We work on romance manga's and we are currently recruiting all translators. we have currently working on some series and have released a series as a joint project with "SLEEPY FOX SCANS", The translators can work on romance manga's of their choice, and we are recruiting redrawers right now, no experience is required to apply to our group.
we are desperate need of help, So please support us by joining our group.
And thanks for reading this out 😀
It's ok if you are new, cause we are here to help you out. we are recuiting Spanish, Vietnamese, Polish, Indonesian, Italian, French.

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