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YU Scans is recruiting staff for BL projects!

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6:45 pm, Aug 31 2020
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YU Scans is recruiting staff for the following positions:

 • Korean Translator (High Demand);
 • Japanese Translator (High Demand);
 • Chinese Translator (High Demand);
 • Cleaner/Redrawer (High Demand);
 • Korean Proofreader;
 • Experienced Typesetter;
 • Quality Checker;
 • Raw Provider;
 • Uncensor/PP Redrawer;

Our group works mainly with Yaoi/BL, from shounen ai to bara projects. We greatly appreciate staff members that are enthusiastic as we are when it comes to releasing BL manga, manhwa, and manhua.

As a member of our team, your input will be taken into consideration when choosing a project. We have many fun, cute and naughty projects for our staff members to choose from and we are eager to release good BL to our readers.

Join our discord server and come chat with us! You can join by clicking here or by following this link:

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8:59 pm, Sep 17 2020
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Join our server if you have questions!

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1:42 pm, Nov 19 2020
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Hello, I'm Karma, I can redraw and draw uncensored! Here is my discord if interested. Karma4_Anna#8379 😀

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