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small moon is recruiting!

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6:44 pm, Sep 3 2020
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Small Moon is a group that scanlates modern, fantasy and historical Korean manhwa.

We are recruiting:
- Korean Translators (always & forever in demand♡)
- Proofreaders (native English speakers only!)
- Cleaners/Redrawers
- Typesetters

Our current projects are:
- A Beastly Scandal
- North By Northwest
- A Kind Goblin's Bird (NSFW, R19)

You do not have to be over the age of 18 to apply, and there is no requirement to work on our NSFW project (A Kind Goblin's Bird) if you are uncomfortable with it. 🙂


Please DM yuji#0028 on Discord to apply!
You can also message me on Mangadex (user/812397/lenoo) or here on MangaUpdates (though neither will be checked very often, so Discord is preferred).

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3:53 pm, Sep 11 2020
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bump! still recruiting the same positions <3

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2:36 pm, Sep 13 2020
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Want to apply cleaning or typesetting, can't dm yuji

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4:46 pm, Sep 13 2020
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I’m interested in proofreading! I don’t have any experience scanlating, but I’m a native English speaker and I’m good with grammar and writing 😀 I tried to add you on discord but it wouldn't let me; my tag is lia99#9285

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7:28 pm, Sep 15 2020
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I would like to be a proofreader! Your discord DMs arent working

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