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New Poll - Waking Up

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The Preacher

2:43 am, Sep 8 2020
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It depends what shift I'm on. I have employees on all three shifts so I alternate between them and I'm also on call so my "wake-up" time can be a bit sporadic.

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Scan Master

1:28 am, Sep 10 2020
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I work overnight and get home at 5am, so I typically sleep during the morning and wake up around noon or 1pm.
I even do this on my days off, just so my sleep schedule stays on-point.

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2:18 am, Sep 10 2020
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I'm usually working an evening or night shift, so I wake up in the afternoon.
I am the rare nurse that loves working the night shift since when I'm not working, I usually fall asleep at 5:00 anyway, wake up at 13:00.

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