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Looking for a typesetter (paid)

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10:45 pm, Sep 6 2020
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Looking for a typesetter that can commit.
Genre : NSFW, BL, Non-NSFW(rarely)
Paid a dollar per 4 chapters (each chapter only has 8 pages)
SFX already provided, you just have to overwrite it.
PM me for more details~

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Post #780074 - Reply to (#780070) by lilpandacat

4:02 am, Sep 7 2020
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Hi, do you still need typesetter? I've sent you a pivate message too. If you don't mind, I would like to join your team

Here's my account
discord name : yukina#2319

Thank you 🙂

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5:16 pm, Sep 7 2020
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If you're still looking for a typesetter, let me know!

Discord: JazD801#7349

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1:52 am, Sep 8 2020
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Thank you guys for your reply! I have a few typesetter ready for my chapters, if anyone of you are interested in getting some chapters in the future, just send me a message. I'll keep you guys in mind whenever I have more chapters to split! Thank you so much!

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1:23 am, Sep 13 2020
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Bump to check if anyone else is keen as well!

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5:25 am, Sep 13 2020
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Only bump after 7 days

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Post #780274

9:59 am, Sep 16 2020
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Hi if you’re still looking for a typesetter let me know! I’ve practiced typesetting for awhile now and did samples. (Mostly on webtoon pages)

Pls do contact me here!

Discord: lattae#6144

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5:11 am, Sep 17 2020
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1USD per 32 pages?
Rate is too low and won't even compensate for electricity use. Not to mention there are probably numerous sfx since it's NSFW. Typesetting also takes time and talent so idk bruhh, just sayin'. Good luck tho.

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5:12 am, Sep 17 2020
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Guys, this is way too underpaid. You can easily get better work on Fiverr or hell, even Amimaru pays higher. Several webtoon publishers are hiring all the time and pay better. Just google for these job openings.

Don't sell yourself short, typesetters. Know your worth.

Standard rate should be at least $1 USD per page.

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