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Looking for a typesetter (paid)

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10:45 pm, Sep 6 2020
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Looking for a typesetter that can commit.
Genre : NSFW, BL, Non-NSFW(rarely)
Paid a dollar per 4 chapters (each chapter only has 8 pages)
SFX already provided, you just have to overwrite it.
PM me for more details~

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Post #780074 - Reply to (#780070) by lilpandacat

4:02 am, Sep 7 2020
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Hi, do you still need typesetter? I've sent you a pivate message too. If you don't mind, I would like to join your team

Here's my account
discord name : yukina#2319

Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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5:16 pm, Sep 7 2020
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If you're still looking for a typesetter, let me know!

Discord: JazD801#7349

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1:52 am, Sep 8 2020
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Thank you guys for your reply! I have a few typesetter ready for my chapters, if anyone of you are interested in getting some chapters in the future, just send me a message. I'll keep you guys in mind whenever I have more chapters to split! Thank you so much!

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1:23 am, Sep 13 2020
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Bump to check if anyone else is keen as well!

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5:25 am, Sep 13 2020
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Only bump after 7 days

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Post #780274

9:59 am, Sep 16 2020
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Hi if youโ€™re still looking for a typesetter let me know! Iโ€™ve practiced typesetting for awhile now and did samples. (Mostly on webtoon pages)

Pls do contact me here!

Discord: lattae#6144

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5:11 am, Sep 17 2020
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1USD per 32 pages?
Rate is too low and won't even compensate for electricity use. Not to mention there are probably numerous sfx since it's NSFW. Typesetting also takes time and talent so idk bruhh, just sayin'. Good luck tho.

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5:12 am, Sep 17 2020
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Guys, this is way too underpaid. You can easily get better work on Fiverr or hell, even Amimaru pays higher. Several webtoon publishers are hiring all the time and pay better. Just google for these job openings.

Don't sell yourself short, typesetters. Know your worth.

Standard rate should be at least $1 USD per page.

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3:45 am, Sep 19 2020
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Sorry for the late reply, thank you for the information, lambchop!

Also, I understand that I may not pay much, that's why I stated the pay from the start, so that people who don't mind it can contact me. Most of the people here are from scans, whom aren't paid from the start, and I'm only asking for those who has time on their hand to do so.

I don't need perfect centering either, since I'll do it if it isn't. There are many companies who doesn't even pay one usd per page, whilst some pay really high per page.

I'm obviously not trying to compete with them either, since I'm just an individual doing some small work. I just hope to share a little bit of the work that I have with others who'd like to join.

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Post #780554

3:38 pm, Sep 29 2020
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0.25 or 0.20 per page will be very fair, going below that, may as well just ask them to do it for free.

Post #780575

12:22 am, Oct 1 2020
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you might want to also mention that your deadline is two days per 32 pages. ๐Ÿ˜•

Post #781538

5:43 am, Oct 4 2020
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You add deadlines like that, that's when the money rate goes up

Post #782987

5:50 pm, Oct 8 2020
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I do actually inform that the deadline's 2 days in PM, but 90% of the time they'd finish it in 4 days or so anyways.

For example, I've actually passed you 4 chapters earlier on (10th), and added another 4 into your folder when I asked if you wanted another 4 on the 11th.

I've asked you on your progress because you very willingly took on another 4, and I had to make sure you'll be fine without overworking. You said "its going fine." and if I wanted you to upload them to check on your progress, and that you'll get to it in a little while because your brother was using your laptop. To which, I replied "its okay, just inform me~". You still replied that "it's going good."

I knew you started 2 days later(12th) because you started asking questions about the chapters, to which I answered, without saying anything else.

On the 3rd day(13th), you informed me that you cant make do with such short deadline, and that you wont be continuing after this "two sets." I replied with "Okay! noted" and apologized that you had to trouble yourself. I asked for an "update" for the one that you're working on, and you apologized for not being able to help, and you felt bad. I said "That's alright!" and explained some stuff to you, and even said that "i understand that you have things to do, no worries."

It turned out that you only started on the other 4 chapters I've uploaded later on instead of the one I uploaded earlier on, and I did not ask anything else. You said you were "finishing up the other one." I replied, "Ah! okay, noted!" and you replied that you'll work on it and send it to me asap (with heart emoji), I said "okay! thank you~" and you updated me that "itโ€™s almost done. I think I have like half of the last chapter left"
I said I see and thanked you.

After that, I asked for you to upload what you've finished so I can fix the TS, which you did, after you're home few hours later, and you apologized for the late response because you haven't been home. I even assured you, telling you "its okay", and proceed to tell you that I'll take away the other 4, so you can just focus on the one you're "finishing up."

No updates, nothing.
on 15th, I asked you "hey~ is the last chapter ready yet?", you said oh yeah, you'll upload it as soon as you got home. I'm not sure about your timezone, but I asked at midnight of the 15th on my time, and asked you again at evening/night time of my time on the 15th to let me know when you've uploaded it, and if you haven't, I'll do it, as I needed to submit it.
Our conversation ended with "Okay~", "fourth chapter is uploaded", and "thanks~"

Although the deadline I've set was 2 days for 4 chapters, I'm okay with it when they take longer. It's just kind of a "rough deadline" so people wouldn't drag it until the last minute and then they get overwhelmed by anything, and then I have to rush last minute to typeset it.
I've never really pushed you, except to ask on the progress, so I could take over whenever you cant, you kept assuring me that it's fine, so I let it be. I try my best not to "stress" anyone or pressure anyone when they do anything with me.

The job scope is actually more to "copy paste" the script, and fix the SFX. Its pre-cleaned so you just got to off the layers. I even told you the centering doesn't matter, not even the "shapes". I know I don't pay much, so I do most of the stuff anyways. I work in scans, and I have side income IRL, so I don't mind having to give people most of what I'm paid despite the work I have to put in.

The job is pretty fast for people who just slap the text on and fix the SFX. I even have the editable SFX on, and I said to do whatever's the easiest/takes the shortest time. The only thing I'm strict about is the photoshop settings.

I'll be closing the recruitment, and do all the TS myself. I shared this because I wanted to share the money I receive, even though I'm practically re-doing the chapters. It sometimes even takes me longer to "QC" because of the mistakes etc. Thank you all for your interest. Maybe I'll come back to find people again when I manage to get something that pays me much higher that I can share with you guys. I'm sorry if I've disappointed any of you or made any of you feel like I'm trying to underpay anyone.

Just a side note, I'm not paid much higher than what I'm giving. I'd love to give more if I'm even given the lowest rate you guys are telling me is the "lowest" it should go. Although some of you may not like the deadline, but being in scans, I've had many instances where I had to finish chapters in a day or so with much more bubbles, with good centering, and everything else. I was really just trying my best here, but I'm done for now.

Once again, thank you all for your interest.

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4:13 pm, Oct 10 2020
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I, as someone who is currently also working with lilpandacat, have to say that these comments are uncalled for. Yes, the pay may seem too small, but we have to consider for the actual work being done, that money can be considered too much as well!

All the SFX are already typeset, we literally just have to copy paste, no choosing font either, I'm serious. Yes, it is NSFW, and there are certain chaptrs with many sfx, but they're repetitive and are already half TSed. They're will be five gasps, all with exact same settings, literally just moved to different places. Copy pasting the layer a couple times is enough!

Theres no need to work on the shaping either! I only put it into a textbox and makes sure it fits the bubble, I don't really have to centre it either

The deadline is two days, but I was never pestered nor forced to submit it exactly on time. The only reason why I even know of it is because of the occasional friendly reminder that if I cannot complete it, I can get some help

I personally have made way too many mistakes already, some which needed the entire chapter to be re TSed under the name of QC, and all I got were a few suggestions telling me where I could improve.

Lilpandacat was extremely patient with me, and I'm sure with every other TSer as well, making sure we were noy overworked, considering our real life siruations, and overall being a very sweet person. After getting to know, I was genuinely shocked about these comments.lilpandacat was extremely dissapointed, not that he got sladered for no reason, but rather because he thought he hurt the previous helper.

Overall, please don't misunderstand, the pay is perfect for the work being done. pls think before posting something without knowing the whole truth, especially what could hurt the person who was extremely kind ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜”

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