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Hi, everyone!

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1:12 am, Sep 9 2020
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It's my first time participating in this forum, but I've been using Baka-Updates Manga for checking out information about some mangas when I haven't registered yet.

I don't have any favorites, but these are the first mangas that I've enjoyed reading according to demography:

1.) Hana to Akuma by Oto Hisamu (Shoujo)
2.) Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi by Jun Sakura (Shonen)
3.) Hapi Mari by Enjouji Maki (Josei)
4.) Parasyte by Iwaaki Hitoshi (Seinen)

Anyway, pleased to meet you all. 😃

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5:31 am, Sep 9 2020
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Welcome to the forums!

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