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forgotten manga title!

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12:36 am, Sep 12 2020
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-a Japanese manga (a light-hearted manga)
-it's either shounen or seinen (no yaoi, no yuri, no shoujo/shounen-ai or hentai)
-kids having super powers/special abilities
-male mc is a young teenager (16/17/18 y.o). Highschool
-time setting: somewhere at near future (year 2030? 2040? 2050?. no sure the specific year)
-place: Japan (typical Japan but ways more advance, but not too advance like there have flying cars)

The story follows some teenage in a near-future where they have some abilities and they're like superheroes. Mc's power is kinda like superman (of course no mantel or whatsoever) and he's one of the top heroes. In the first chapter, the government of Japan summons Mc to return as soon as possible after he finished his mission at oversea (probably Mc himself went back after finished his mission) and the first thing mc did once arrived, he saved the day (from bad guy) easily. He has a female childhood friend (not sure if she is also having special ability). If I remember correctly, once Mc returned, he said going to retired and confess his love to his childhood friend. It's mutual if i remember
that's all as far i can remember. Please help me if you know this manga. Thank you in advance

Good information=Good answer

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