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a shoujo where couple pretends not to know each other

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4:26 am, Sep 12 2020
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I'm looking for this manga I was reading a few days ago about this couple (or maybe just friends I don't really remember) who are super close, but only outside of school. I think they play games together too. The guy is super popular at school and I think he (maybe both of them?) were worried about his reputation so they decide to keep their relationship a secret or something. The girl isn't popular like he is though. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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5:15 am, Sep 12 2020
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Ashita, Naisho no Kiss Shiyou

It is also my last manga before I started abstaining from reading shoujo mangas since I realised how far they are from my personal beliefs now that I'm older. I almost gave in today but, thanks to seeing your post, I was reminded I already read the best shoujo manga that doesn't have anything that went against my values. Thank you.

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