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Can't find this manga/manhwa/manhua

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3:24 pm, Sep 12 2020
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I only remember the plot which is something like this...

There's a princess that doesn't want to marry, so every time her father (the emperor I think) engages her to someone, she pays (or just asks) someone to seduce them and then asks her father to give his blessing to the lovers' marriage... and so people think of her as a kind and compassionate girl.

This I don't remember myself but someone who also looks for it told me: the reason the protagonist doesn't want to marry is because she wants revenge on the emperor.

- Probably long strip
- Probably Korean or Chinese
- Could have been a promo manhwa for a novel but I'm not sure

Does someone know the name?

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7:57 am, Sep 24 2020
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Nevermind I've found it. It was in fact a promo manhwa for a novel

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11:36 am, Sep 28 2020
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Can I ask what it was

The Blood Reaper
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