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Potion girl gets treated badly but finally finds a good hero to adventure with

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Scarlet Sorceress

7:13 pm, Sep 14 2020
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I read this a few years ago but it never got scanlated further... Recently I cleaned out my hard drive and forgot to back up some of my manga collection... for whatever reason this tiny unimportant series got stuck in my brain haha


Some girl is talented in conocting potions to the point of them being able to make people stronger and let them heal faster, level up faster etc...

One day a hero asks her to go on an adventure with his team but they only use her and treat her badly.

When she's stuck in some foreign country a friendly stranger helps her return to her home village. Partly thanks to him she recovers some of her self-esteem and finally decides to go on more adventures with turns into a romance eventually. I think she hair? 😲 It reminded be of Shirayuki Hime but it was not exactly a copycat.

Thanks a lot!

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10:28 pm, Sep 14 2020
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E Rank no Kusushi

Good description=Good answer

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