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Japanese Calligrapher and Ward Romance

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3:05 am, Sep 16 2020
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Hi. As the title suggests I'm looking for a specific manga about a Japanese calligrapher and his ward. The main genre seems to be romance. While there is an age gap between the two main characters, he's a working adult and she's a highschool student, it seems to be small like five or six years.

He takes the girl in after her father passes away. Her father was a teacher or business associate of his. The girl's most striking feature is her relative stoic face. I think her relatives thought her cold because she didn't cry at her father's funeral. It's also briefly mentioned that she and her father didn't interact much for whatever reason. I think they met a handful of times over the last year before his death. Still, it's implied they did care or love each other as family.

She's also the chaser in this budding relationship, whereas the calligrapher is socially awkward and uses some kind of stuffed animal to calm himself. He's very expressive in comparison to the girl. The calligrapher comes across harmless in a comedic way, so I didn't feel the age gap or their positions were creepy.

I believe this manga may have been an oneshot before it became a series. In the oneshot she kissed him at the end which startled him.

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El Psy Kongroo.

5:31 am, Sep 16 2020
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Suenagaku yoroshiku Onegai shimasu
Not sure but the description fits

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4:36 pm, Sep 16 2020
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This is what I was looking for. Thank you.

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