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**✿❀ Freelance solo editor looking for JTL ❀✿**

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4:21 am, Sep 16 2020
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Wisteria Villosa (MD group). Not an actual group. It's just me an the JTLs that help me out. Will never be a group. Used to track most of my solo edit works/act as a temp group for part-timers 😀
MD profile
Previous solo edit works (manga only): She looks especially cute to me ch3+
Net generation teacher ch8+
Samugari ni yuki ch1.1
Tokugawa no saru ch1+

Disclaimer: I'm not looking to be recruited into a group. I wish to solo edit alongside a freelance JTL. Also, volunteer only for now. no pay LMFASO 😀

I'd prefer to not share projects here, but here are a list of genres for the series in my arsenal:
- boys love (strictly shounen ai/slice of life)
- crossdressing/femboy focus
- slice of life, healing couple
- ecchi (straight/bl/gl)
- shotacon
- and many more!

japanese proficiency can be of any level LOL.

Ways to contact me:
discord: elliot#9999
mangadex: mimicking

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