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help! i cant rmb the name of this yaoi manga

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6:30 pm, Sep 16 2020
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hi! so i'm trying to find this manga - it's about this boy who is effortlessly good in everything and anything he does that he lacks ambition in life. so, he meets this delinquentish boy one day, who gives him a reason to keep going. but because of misunderstanding, they lost touch.

until one day, they meet again and this time theyre both adults. the delinquent boy, with a sense of justice finds himself homeless and so the other boy, who's good at everything he does, takes him in and just loves him.

i dont think there's any sex in this i dont really rmb. pls help a yaoi fan out! TT

leave behind reccs too - love semes who are crazy head over heels in love with their uke, and soft yanderes too!!

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