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Looking for a romance manga I forgot the name of

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7:54 pm, Sep 16 2020
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I can't remember too much about the story but one of the points made is that the school does not allow dating and a couple was caught. So what they do is that they say that the guy likes the girl and thats all. Its not mutual but he "still tries to get her to like him back"

Also another plot point that I'm not too sure about is that the school was split into 2. The students that were smart and those that were not very smart. And the guy was from the delinquent side while she was from the smart people side. But I might be wrong on that. I think that I might be remembering something else with this one.

Also also I think the male lead might have had black hair but I'm not too sure.

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11:18 pm, Sep 16 2020
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Kind of sounds like Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet

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4:10 am, Sep 17 2020
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Yeah that's another one I read but I got kinda bored of it after a while. But that wasn't the one. The school that I think they are in aren't from different kingdoms or anything. They're just normal 21st century high schoolers. Thank you though!

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