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Looking for ✨Japanese Translator✨ and 💖Typesetter💖 To work on a Shonen Manga

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7:52 pm, Sep 23 2020
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Hello there!
If you did click on this post I need a Typesetter and JTL for this manga :

It's a very exciting series so I'll be glad if anyone wants to help out
I have the CLRDs and Raws with me and I'm looking forward to working on this

Just one Problem-

I don't have a JTL for it 😭

Or a Typesetter 😭😭

If you can, could you please help out ?

If you're interested

Please DM me on Discord at:



Please help out, its a really good series and I wanna work on it ASAP.

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4:35 am, Oct 5 2020
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5:58 pm, Oct 10 2020
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Only 1 recruitment thread per group. I'm locking all your other ones

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4:40 am, Oct 12 2020
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I still need JTLs to work on this series please 😭😭😭😭

Discord link:

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9:43 am, Oct 21 2020
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Please join.... I need help with this please.....

Still need a Typesetter and JPN Translator.

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1:48 pm, Oct 29 2020
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Believe it or not I still need the same things.....
If you can, please help out.

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