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New Poll - Religion's Existence

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10:16 am, Oct 1 2020
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If the concept of religion didn't exist, wouldn't be better. Just don't be extreme.
If you look at Europe's history you can see how much religion-Christianity helped the progress of society. The western and nordic parts of Europe were barbaric and uncultured before Christianity, the only evolved part of Europe was the southern part, so Europe wouldn't be the way it is today without religion. The society would have progressed much slower.
AIso i see that people still don't know why the crusades started in the first place, you can easily get informed these days but you choose to believe some vag rumor as historical fact, (Crusades didn't do any good, but learn why they started).
Humans were always searching for a higher power to believe in, i guess that's how humans are made, they need someone to make them feel safe (like kids need their parents)
p.s. i'm not religious but i'm glad i was born as a christian-orthodox, and not other forms of christianity, i enjoy the freedom and not having baggage from the past

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2:03 pm, Oct 1 2020
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I believe that the world would be the same, the concept of religion i as ancient as inteligent life forms. there are a lot of studies that shown that every civilization since ancient times had religions to explain the unknown, to mantain a certain control or balance, or to give the people a way of life (like the ten commandments or the tora, etc).
Of course religion is also a tool that let people use conveniently for they own purposes just like the crusaders, inquisition, witch hunt.
human nature needs believes be it religion, science or another, without it we wouldn't be able to strive for better.
I am not a religious person and i admit that to me religion is bulshit but i know that it really helps people out of terrible places and helps them forgive themselves and strive for better.
All in all if there wasn't the concept religion there would be a similar concept created by us, Philosophy (such as Confucianism) is not religion but it gives you a set of values and core rules.

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6:15 pm, Oct 1 2020
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I consider myself more spiritual than religious. It's hard to say whether the world would be better or worse but I honestly don't see the harm in someone believing in their God as long as they don't push it on to other people.

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