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Requesting help from scanlation teams! (Or anyone who knows, really)

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6:49 am, Oct 1 2020
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So about 6 years back, I randomly added tonnes of manga to read on a single wishlist.

Fastforward to 2020, as I went through my wishlist, I saw many manga, which while having profiles on this site, had had no scanlation teams pick them up, or some had been discontinued mid-scanlation.

I have currently (painstakingly) sorted out (and still sorting out) many of these manga into three separate lists, two of which have been made public, i.e "Still not scanlated but on my Wishlist" ( t=user1 ) and "Incompletely scanlated but on my wishlist" ( t=user2 )

Now I'm not quite sure if this is the place where I can post this topic (humblest apologies to the admin if I got this wrong, in which case I'll take this post wherever the admin asks me to), but in case anyone can help me sound out scanlation teams to pick up these incomplete/unfinished projects, I'll be most grateful.

Majority series fall into the josei/romance/shoujo/smut/mature category.

In case anyone can update me with info about any particular series(its missing, license has been discontinued, series has been discontinued, scanlation team has tanked, series no longer available), I'll gladly help update necessary info on this website so as to no longer create any confusion for the other users.

Also requesting guidance from admins/other better-informed users on how to go about this seemingly mammoth task, as I've returned to this site after a very very long hiatus, and am woefully out of touch with the scanlation world.

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