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9:07 am, Jun 7 2009
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Ok I'm not one to usually create topics, but at the end of this chapter.... "Time moved on...!?" Uhh.. One, maybe two, chapters left I guess.. Kind of a cheap way to end the last match of the series but whatever. If that is Mamori then it has to be atleast a few months since then cause he hair appears to be longer. Mabye a year and she just had her graduation ceremony or something. Guessing Sena grew up a bit and became captain. Though he would have to quit playing soon since 3rd years aren't allowed to play sports at that school. Though it feels like that ban might be lifted due to the Football team's success. Well it's not like we didn't know the ending was coming since there is basically nowhere to go after that game. But I figured the Mangaka would've milked it for another 10-15 chapters or so with overtime and the ending.

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9:13 am, Jun 7 2009
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I thought that the way that the mangaka handled the last match was good. Instead of milking it the last match went along at a very quick pace that suited the story. It was great fun to read and i will miss it.

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9:50 am, Jun 7 2009
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