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One Piece Chapter 546

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4:52 am, Jun 13 2009
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Quote from Hermit-chan
Quote from grandexeno
Yeah, where in the manga was ever Buggy a "formidable foe"? laugh

He's the typical gag-foe, obviously XD

hm. I like to rephrase that! biggrin He used to be a 'kickass' foe. why? he used to be in Roger's crew, went to Grandline b4, took over an entire town, has buggy bombs, survives his ordeal when he lost half of his body, get a hawt pirate chick Alvida's cooperation and almost decapitate Luffy at some point.

and look where his position now?

I'll agree here, he was kickass. And he'll be. I think we'll still see him in the New World. At least he has now new map to Captain John's treasures, he'll continue his adventure. And i bet he'll meet Luffy some time again.

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5:22 pm, Jun 14 2009
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buggy has good head on his shoulders and he does come up with the right strategies and everything but he always comes out of his ordeals with nothing to show for it so he probably will never become a kick ass villain in ONE PIECE.

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