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3:01 am, Oct 8 2020
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Been a long time since I read this manga/manhwa.

If I remember correctly the setting was in college, a guy (don't remember exactly how he looked) meets a girl which has short blonde hair (she may have long hair, or she has long hair in the end). They get together somehow. The boy gets a "job" under his teacher and they slowly fall apart because he has been working too much. Also, another guy appears that is interested in the girl. The girl also plays guitar if memory serves right.

If I remember correctly that is somewhat of a memory that MC shows when he was working on his computer that takes a lot of chapters. When he gets away from his computer he goes to a bathhouse where he meets her again. (I am not sure 100% that the bath house incident is from this manga)

I remember that it ends with him going to her concert somewhere in a pub I think, where he meets the guy that also got interested in her(don't remember if they got together after MC and her broke up). I also remember that the ending shows a scarf that the MC got from her when they were together.

It is a bittersweet romance. I also think that in the afternotes the author says that he thought of this story when he saw a girl on the bus and imagined some type of relationship. Also MC and girl don't start on the best terms.

If there is something that you don't understand and want me to rephrase in order to find it let me know, hope one of you remember it's name.

EDIT: I also remember it being full color.

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7:46 am, Oct 14 2020
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Found it by myself, it was "By chance, we... and...". I remembered some parts wrong tho.

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